《How to Use Your Reading in Your Essay》 pdf电子书

《How to Use Your Reading in Your Essay》 pdf电子书

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Introduction: an example and overview of how reading is used in an essay A fundamental part of academic study is reading other people's work on a subject and using what you have read to develop your own thinking and writing. This book will take you through the process of using what you read in your written work, from deciding what to read to checking your work for mistakes. How to Use your Reading in your Essays looks specifically at using your reading in non-exam essays, but the information it gives is also relevant to most types of academic writing across most subject areas. This book will increase your knowledge of how to use the chapters, books and articles you read effectively, and will thereby give you the confidence to produce good writing and to get the highest marks possible for your work.

This book will show you:

· how to decide which types of books and articles are suitable to read for your essays and which are probably not;

· how to understand and question what you read;

· what information to write down and how to make notes that enable you to use your reading properly and effectively in your essays;

· why, when and how to use quotations in your essays;

· why, when and how to put what you read into your own words;

· why, when and how to integrate your own points with ideas from your reading;

· words and phrases to use when you are integrating and evaluating your reading;

· brief explanations of grammatical areas that often cause problems in student writing;

· examples of common mistakes to check for and to avoid in your own work.

How to Use your Reading in your Essays takes you through the process of using your reading in clear stages, and gives you key points, examples and practice exercises, using real texts and student essays. It explains simply and clearly both the' why' of using your reading and the practical how' of doing so.

In Part A of this second edition I have included some short extracts from my book Reading and Making Notes,2010. These are the sections on using your university library, reading methods, and points for making notes. In Part B(sections B2 to B5)I have included some adapted material from my book The Student Phrase Book,2013.

The rest of this introductory section gives you an example and overview of how reading is used in a non-exam essay and gives you points to remember when you are writing your own assignments.





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